How can I Lock the Primary Column When Using Card View to Add (+)?


We have created several grids for viewing as a calendar (e.g., Team On-Site Location, Communications, Engagements, Reports). Each has several columns, and I concatenate a few columns in the Primary Column so when viewed in Calendar View, the viewer has the pertinent information needed. I have locked the column in Grid View, and if you open the item in Card View to view or edit, the Primary Column is locked, however, when you add from the Card View (by hitting the +) the new card opens initially with a blank line - which is the Primary Column cell - and THAT is editable. As soon as someone types anything in there, it wipes out my concatenate formula for all future entries. How can I either lock that first instance of the Title Bar (primary column) in a card view add so it's not editable, or prevent it from showing at all?