Different Primary key for Subtasks?

I have two sheets I want to move task between.

The first one tracks MASTER numbers as they go from A-B as whole movements with the subtask listed underneath.

The second one tracks the CHILD numbers as they go from B- C individually.

We are primarily using card view and have several lanes set up to move MASTER cards through, they contain data about that whole job :

MASTER number

Child number 1

Child number 2

Child number 3

At the moment the only way to get the child numbers to display correctly is to enter that data in the MASTER column - when they are moved to the second sheet this data is then incorrect imported to the wrong column and the MASTER number is lost.

When I put the Child number in the correct 'Child no' column it moves correctly but the Master number is still lost and all the sub tasks display 'untitled' as their name.

In order to get it move across correctly I need to get the user to fill out the MASTER data on all Child rows (needless duplication) and then all the subtasks are labelled identically to the primary task.

Can you change which column the subtask pulls it's 'name' from?

Is there anyway of applying master level data to subtask without formulas - this is a live sheet where data is only on there for a day or two max before the job is completed and no one need to look at it anymore.

Eventually way down the line I'd like to smooth out the whole thing and add some forms and automation etc - right now I'm still learning and need this to work as proof of concept to the boss :p plus I need it to be relatively simple and easy for the rest of the office to get on board with it.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Helen,

    I'd like to try and duplicate this but I'm not sure I understand the full set up. Would you be able to post a few screen captures of the first sheet in both Grid & Card view (blocking out any sensitive data), and then the second sheet as well?