Dependencies and Subtasks


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Can anyone tell me where I can find some good explanation about how dependencies work with tasks/subtasks?

Whenever there is a main task with say 3 sub-tasks, I can see that we can set dependency for the entire main task, in addition to dependencies on the individual subtasks.

However some testing showed that this does not really work as expected.

I have a task A, that has subtasks A1,A2,A3, and another task B.

If I want task A to start 6w before task B starts, I would put in the predecessors of the maint task A : BSS-6w and it works.

However, if I want task A to finish 2w before task B starts, I thought it was logicial to put as a oredecessor to task A : BSF-2w... However it does not work... it does something, but I cant even find the logic of what I am getting. Task A is moved but not where I expected it to be moved, i.e it does not end 2w before task B starts...

I hope my example did not mix up the issue rather than clarifying it...

Can anyone help?

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