Resource View Missing Resource Information After License Purchase / Activation

Hello everyone, I just complete the purchase of Smartsheet and received the license activation last night. 

Prior to the purchase, I used the trial version to create a bunch of Project Plan / Sheet as well as assigned resources to them.  During the trial, I could see the resource views showing the list of people, which projects they are assigned to and which day of the week.

Unfortunately, after the license activation, the above links seems to be lost, even though the sheets I have created are there and still have the resources tagged to it, it is not coming up in the Resource Views.  I noticed the Users I created were lost as well.  I tried creating two of the resources but it is still not showing in the Resource Views with project information.

I am not sure what happened during the license activation but appreciate if anyone can share their experiences / resolutions in this area. 

Thank you.