Smartsheet Dashboards for eLearning

rcaroway ✭✭
edited 03/19/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I LOVE Smartsheet dashboards!

Actually, I love Smartsheet, PERIOD.

As an educator, I am always looking for ways to increase learner engagement and improve the learner’s overall experience when completing a course. Many times Learning Management Systems (LMS) require multiple steps to launch a course.

With Smartsheet Dashboards I can neatly package training content and track engagement and completion!

For this example, I was asked to create a training for the sales and customer success organizations on the new Sales Handoff Process. I decided a Smartsheet Dashboard was the perfect way to deliver on this training request.

1.Once I created the dashboard for the course, I started by adding a title, the high-level goals, completion directions, and the learning objectives to provide some background and guidance for the learner. 

2.Then using the video widget, I added three short videos. (created using Camtasia and uploaded to Vimeo) 

3.Under the videos, I added links to two additional Smartsheet forms: a quiz and a questions document. The quiz results were shared with managers who could filter by their email address to see their direct report’s completion. Once a learner submitted a question a SME (Subject Matter Expert) would receive a Smartsheet alert that a question had been entered and provide steps to answering that question. 

Overall, I received positive feedback for this training package and have requests to recreate for other learning experiences! I love and appreciate the dynamic (data reporting) and simplistic functionalities of Smartsheet Dashboards!

I'd love to learn how other educators are using Smartsheet to improve the learning experience!

Thanks for reading!