New Template Sets for these Workflow Categories! Let me know your thoughts!

Hunter Reed
Hunter Reed Moderator
edited 06/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Hey everyone! As a Product Marketing Manager here at Smartsheet I am always thinking about how we can produce content that helps you work more efficiently. Especially now, we are producing new Template Sets that will help you and your organization work remotely more efficiently. 

Let me know your thoughts, but we are planning on creating some content that aligns to the following workflows/categories:  

  • Workforce Engagement (things like employee pulse surveys, remote employee onboarding or offboarding…)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Collaborative Work Management in a Distributed Workforce (a.k.a day-to-day operations & processes for remote teams)
  • IT Operations for a Remote Workforce (Digital Workplace Services, IT Support & Ticketing, Software Deployments)
  • Develop, Communicate, Track, and Adapt Strategic Direction
  • Business Model Transformation

Do you have any ideas for processes I should include in each? Any Smartsheet use cases you’ve used you’d like to share with others?  

Looking forward to hearing from you all!