Trouble with SUMIFS - Project

Our sheets have built in deliverable risk management which we are working to roll up across projects. Right now we calculate a delay risk by looking at a risk/time allocation, and critical path - both which are columns within the same sheet. The following formula is working correctly:

=SUMIFS([Risk/Time Allocation (Days)]:[Risk/Time Allocation (Days)], [Critical Path]:[Critical Path], true)

I am trying to add an additional term to exclude risks where the associated deliverable has been completed, therefore looking at the "% Complete" column. The column is formatted as a %, returning 1 @ 100% complete. I want to return all values, including BLANK, which are not equal to 1.

The below is my best guess (but it isn't working):

=SUMIFS([Risk/Time Allocation (Days)]:[Risk/Time Allocation (Days)], [Critical Path]:[Critical Path], true, [% Complete]:[% Complete], OR(@cell <> 1, @cell = "")))

It appears that the <>1 piece of the function is returning "#UNPARSABLE"

Does anyone have any suggestions on an alternate term to try?

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