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need to populate a date with these parameters.

Defect type ="CRITICAL" - populates "clean up date" with date 5 days after "audit received date"

but if Defect type = "major" or "minor" - populates "clean up date" with date 30 days after "audit received date"

right now i have simple formula to populate Clean up date as 30 days after audit date. But the defect type changes that date parameter to 5 days out instead of 30 days out. Is there formula to do that, maybe IF?

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    i have this formula currently but get error

    =IF([DEFECT TYPE]@row = "CRITICAL"; [Audit received]@row + 5; IF([DEFECT TYPE]@row = "MAJOR"; [Audit received]@row + 30; IF([DEFECT TYPE]@row = "MINOR"; [Audit received]@row + 30))


    fixed it, had semi colon instead of comma

    =IF([DEFECT TYPE]@row = "CRITICAL", [Audit received]@row + 5, IF([DEFECT TYPE]@row =

    "MAJOR", [Audit received]@row + 30, IF([DEFECT TYPE]@row =

    "MINOR", [Audit received]@row + 30))

    but now i cant figure out how to change formula for a multi select drop down box

    If DEFECT TYPE contains CRITICAL with any other combo of MAJOR OR MINOR. date is +5 days

    If not CRITICAL - But any combo of MAJOR or MiNOR , date is +30

    i only have it working on single selection drop down.

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