Seeking Help!

Danielle Joseph
edited 06/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi, my name is Danielle Joseph, working at a health/human services nonprofit, We provide 24/7 residential support to people with disabilities, brain injuries, mental health and/or substance use challenges in 80 group homes and support people in their own apartments across eastern MA. We have clinicians working in Emergency departments, accompanying police officers on calls and in many other capacities. Our staff is considered front-lines and it has been extremely challenging tracking all of the staff that have begun to experience symptoms, where they last worked etc. I created a sheet with some automation that tracks a lot of info. some of which includes symptoms, exposure, travel related, COVID tested/results, date out, end of 14 day self-isolation, return to work date. Once a staff calls in to report symptoms either while on the job or at home, he/she is out for 14 days but we need to do all the contact tracing with the staff to see what other programs they worked at as (most of our staff works across several programs and even other agencies). We usually quarantine that specific program for 14 days or until they test negative -along with keeping the other staff he was working with only working in that program. I'm thinking there is a more efficient way to manage all of this and wanted to know if anyone had ideas on this.

Thank you