limit columns viewable between sheets

Looks like Dynamic View may address my issue, but we cannot afford it and so I am looking for soultions using basic functionality.

We have an HR sheet that contains columns with basic non-sensitive information, such as name and title. HR sheet also contains columns with sensitive information such as salary.

When new employees are added to HR sheet we'd like the non-sensitive information to copy to operations sheet where we track additional columns for phone #'s, keys assigned, etc. Person maintaining operations sheet should be able to see all columns from HR sheet other than salary info. Using workflow to copy rows from HR sheet to Operations sheet when rows are added copies all information, sensitive and non-sensitive.

How can we poulate only some columns in Operations spreadsheet from data entered into HR spreadsheet?


HR sheet has columns A through F

Operations sheet needs data only from columns A through D

Cell Linking only connects existing data EX: link HR Column A to Operations Column A.

I can hide the sensitive columns in the Operations sheet, but there is no way to "lock" the hide.