Project Management with Tasks


I'm new to smartsheet and wanted to know the best way to get a handle on my projects. I manage proactive service agreements for IT work. Usually these agreements are one year long and I understand I can build a sheet with all the details. But when an agreement gets signed I have a bunch of tasks I complete, for example, check the billing, notify the technician of the work, I build out some support tickets, etc. I probably have around 20 tasks I do when a new contract comes in. I know I can build a template possibly a card view and have all the tasks, when a new contract comes in, apply the template and work through the tasks in getting it setup. But that will create a bunch of sheets, basically one for every agreement. And I would also like to see the status of all the agreements on one page. Plus I'm an individual user so I only get 10 sheets. Does anyone have any other suggestions?