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Hi All,

I'm trying to run a query to group and count certain status' in order to count them as a single statistic.

For example: If there's 4 'New / Reported' tickets and the 'Pending External Clariication' has 5 tickets, the OPEN tickets box would show 9 OPEN tickets.

Ticket classes:

Open ticket = The status' (New / Reported, Pending External Clariication, Pending Internal Clarification)

Closed tickets = The status' (Resolved / Released, Rejected)

I've managed to understand a lot of the other query structures but seem to be really struggling here, so was hoping someone would be able to help!

String I put together below:

=COUNTIFS({Change Request & Feedback Form Range 1}, [Status] : [Status], "New / Reported", "Pending External Clarification")

Thanks, David

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