Is it possible for new sheets to link with Dashboard automatically?


I have a Dashboard setup to populate information it finds in the sheets that I created, one checklist sheet per project.

Every time I create a new sheet as a project checklist, I have to go through the steps of editing the Dashboard widgets to pull data from the new sheet in addition to the old ones. I've also setup a master data sheet that does all the math I need and that feeds the Dashboard, but I still have to link each new checklist with that master sheet for the Dashboard to see it.

Is there any way to set things up so that when a new checklist is created everything links automatically?

I am dealing with a large volume of separate projects, and each really needs to be contained within their own sheets.

Any thoughts?


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I personally use a "Rollup" sheet where each data point has its own column and each project has its own row.

    You can create a series of hidden columns in each project sheet that is in the same order as your rollup and store the project data there. Then you can link an entire row to the rollup all at once (only take a minute to add a new project) which is a quick way to compile all of your data points across all of your projects into a central location. Then you can reference your rollup sheet in the formulas on your metrics sheet.