Countifs multiple fields and values

I"m trying count projects that are in IT Org (column) and are in project states (column) of New, Awaiting Endorsement, Project Analysis, Financial Review, ITSC Approval.

COUNTIFS{IT Org Sheet Reference}, "IT", [{Project State Sheet Reference}, "New"...??How do I do counts of all other project states?

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  • Molly Sudmeier
    Molly Sudmeier ✭✭✭✭
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    =COUNTIFS({IT PPM Range 3}, "IT", {IT PPM Range 2}, OR (@cell ="New", @cell = "Awaiting Endorsement", @cell = "Project Analysis", @cell = "Financial Review", @cell = "ITSC Approval", @cell = "Postponed", @cell = "Long Range Planning"))


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