Managing Testing with Automation Waterfall Notification and Showing Status with RYGB Balls

I have spent some time looking for solutions to my specific need but have been unsuccessful to find anything that fits right, although there were lots of good suggestions that I tried (and couldn't make it work).

We are migrating servers from one location to another and we have multiple IT groups that need to test the servers once they are handed over to us. We would like to have a waterfall for hand off between the groups. The testers vary by server (row) and some groups won't test the server at all.

In the example below the testing groups are in pairs with the names first and the testing status on the right for that group


Row 1 - Only the Hud Data Mgmt team will test, once they put the status to Complete, nobody else needs to be notified, but it would be great for the Hud Test Plan Complete box to assess the status in each of the columns and set itself to checked if done.

Row 2, there are 2 groups of testers; When Henry and KR have set their status to complete, DCiskie needs to be notified. Once she sets her status to complete the Hud test plan complete box should turn to checked

If there is a tester, than a contact will be specified and they will use the status's as follows. No tester for that group will use N/A

Not Started

In Progress



Secondly, we would like to reflect the overall testing status across all 4 groups in one RYGB column. I can get a single column evaluation formula to work, but have been unsuccessful trying to apply a between the columns type of formula.

If Issue in any column - Yellow

If N/A in all columns - Blue

If In Progress in any column - Green

If complete in all columns - Blue

If Hud Test Plan Complete is checked - Blue


  • Try these:

    Hud Test Plan Complete? 

    =IF(OR(AND([Hud Data Mgmt Test Status]@row="Complete", [Hud CBS-Dev Test Status]@row="N/A", [Hud Test Results]@row="N/A"),

    AND([Hud Data Mgmt Test Status]@row="Complete", [Hud CBS-Dev Test Status]@row="Complete", [Hud Test Results]@row="N/A"),

     AND([Hud Data Mgmt Test Status]@row="Complete", [Hud CBS-Dev Test Status]@row="Complete", [Hud Test Results]@row="Complete")), 1, 0)


    =IF(OR([Hud Test Plan Complete?]@row=1, AND([Hud Data Mgmt Test Status]@row="N/A", [Hud CBS-Dev Test Status]@row="N/A", [Hud Test Results]@row="N/A")), "Blue", 

    IF(OR([Hud Data Mgmt Test Status]@row="ISSUE!", [Hud CBS-Dev Test Status]@row="ISSUE!", [Hud Test Results]@row="ISSUE!"),"Yellow",

    IF(OR([Hud Data Mgmt Test Status]@row="In Progress", [Hud CBS-Dev Test Status]@row="In Progress", [Hud Test Results]@row="In Progress"), "Green")))

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