#INVALID DATA TYPE error with IF function


I have set up a separate column to convert my progress bar values to numbers to be used in downstream calculations. This formula works to convert "Empty" to 0, "Quarter" to 0.25, "Half" to 0.5, and "Three Quarter" to 0.75. However, if I change the progress bar to "Full", the error #INVALID DATA TYPE appears instead of converting "Full" to 1.

=IF([% Complete]1 = "Empty", "0", IF([% Complete]1 = "Quarter", "0.25", IF([% Complete]1 = "Half", "0.5", IF([% Complete]1 = "Three Quarter", "0.75", IF([% Complete]1, "Full", "1")))))

Does anyone have any thoughts on why I am getting this error? Thank you!

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