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Limiting # of Rows in a Report


I have a report showing our marketing tactics and their results.  There are over 50, however I want to show only the top 5 in my report that I use in a sight.  Since the sales numbers fluctuate, I cannot show sales greater than "X" or any other limiting item that is available to me.  I was going to add a column in the sheet that can rank sales and pull in the top 5, but I do not see the rank formula available.


Does anyone know how I can do this?




  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello Kristine—


    The best way to accomplish this would be to add a checkbox column to your sheet, and check the boxes next to the top five results you have. You can apply a sort to your sheet to see the top results as needed, but make sure to undo the sort by hitting the Undo button in the left toolbar, as saving the sort permanently changes the structure of the sheet.


    You can then adapt your report to pull in the checked box rows.

  • Kristine Smith

    Hi Shaine,


    Thanks for this option and it would work if it was a static report, however the informtion fluctuates daily and we want to be able to see the top 5 at any point.  Do you know if there are any other options?


    Thank you


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Kristine—


    There isn't another way to do this as reports don't have a "limiting" option, such as "only show me the first five/top five results."


    I've got your vote down for this type of feature on our enhancement request list for further consideration by our Product team.

  • Eric Peery

    +1 for this feature from me.

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