Calculate the %complete of a group of tasks without using parent/child built-in feature



I would like to be able to do see the progress of a "parent" as a consolidation of the progress of each of its children - but without making them parent and child (indentation).

The reason why I don't want to use parent/child built-in feature is because this creates rigidity in my source data: the indentation prevents me from re-arranging/sorting the lines in a way that is meaningful to me, which causes terrible headaches (e.g. very hard to manage dependencies between lines that are all over the place).

I am thinking of a work-around like this:

  • I use a field "epic" to identify which lines belong to the same group, and a field "level" to identify if the line is a parent or a child (as a business rule, I need to make sure that there is always only 1 parent)
  • I enter the % complete for each of the children
  • I put a formula that calculate the progress of the parent (re-creating the same formula as the built-in parent-child feature)

I would very much appreciate any help on putting together this formula, or any other approach to solve this problem.

Thanks !


  • Joanna Waligora

    Try this:

    =IF([level]@row = "parent", AVG(COLLECT([% complete]:[% complete], [epic]:[epic], [epic]@row, [level]:[level], "child")), "")

    You may need to edit the field names in square brackets if they don't match yours, or the values of the "level" field if they're not text "parent" and "child" options. "@row" is formula syntax that refers to the row in which the formula is placed, so keep it as is.