Improvements to Sharing, Filters, and Enterprise Controls

Shaine Greenwood
Shaine Greenwood Employee
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We’ve just released new features in Smartsheet that focus on improving sheet sharing with a default view, added a button to enable and disable your applied filter, and improved our Enterprise-level domain whitelisting feature. We've also renamed our Basic plan to Individual.


Note that the referenced Help Center articles below will be updated with information on the new features on December 16th.


Let’s take a look at these new features:


Set a Default View for a Sheet—It’s now possible to customize the sheet’s view (Grid, Gantt, Card, or Calendar) and applied filter that collaborators will see when they open the sheet. More information on this will soon be available in our article on Sharing Sheets.


User Request for Whitelist (Enterprise feature)—If your Enterprise plan has the security control in place to only allow sharing with certain email addresses or domains, you can now implement a method for users to more easily send a request to whitelist an email address or domain for sharing. Details on this feature will soon be made available in our Security Controls article.


Filter Usability Improvements—You can now toggle filters on and off with the click of a button.


Plan Name Change—We’ve renamed the Basic plan to Individual in order to better reflect the single-user nature of the plan type. This name change will soon be reflected on our Pricing page and in the product (for example when you click Account > Account Admin). For more specifics about the plan change, see Basic Plan Name Changed to Individual.


An overview of new features, plus a list of bugs fixed in this release, will be publicly available later this week on our Release Notes site:


You can try out these new features in Smartsheet today!


  • Did these improvements also turn off the ability to use pop-up menu items in report sheets? I have a user who could use her popups until yesterday in her personal report sheet...

  • Hi Roy,


    We haven't changed any reporting functionality in this release. If you have a user experiencing an issue, please have them reach out to [email protected] and provide screenshots (if able) of the problem.


    Our Support team is happy to help!

  • Hi Shaine, this is great.
    Do you know if there are plans to allow whitelisting the other way? (Smartsheets providing a static IP or domain that an enterprise can whitelist to allow integrations like Jira<-->Smartsheet).

  • Shaine:


    I am trying to use the new functionality that allows to define a filter when sharing a sheet. However, the filter I created does not display in the drop-down when I open the Default View window.


    What am I missing?

  • @Anthony—To maintain security and flexibility in the application, we don't currenlty have plans to provide a static domain or IP in Smartsheet for whitelisting. I'll add your vote for this to our enhancement request list for further consideration by our Product and Ops teams. If you run into issues enabling features of Smartsheet due to your organization's security, I'd recommend reaching out to our Support team ([email protected]) to see if they can help troubleshoot or provide you with more information on what you can whitelist.


    @Sergio—You may not have marked your filter as a shared filter. Check out our Help Center for steps on how to modify a filter:

  • Does Smartsheet allow our admin to restrict access by whitelisted IP?


  • Cathy Fraser
    Cathy Fraser ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, I know that this was posted a while ago, but is there away that you can lock down the filter so that the assigned person can not remove the filter and see all other task?? 

    Need to know this ASAP if possible.




  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams Top Contributor
    edited 09/11/18

    There is not a way to lock a filter for all user or individuals.

    See this post on securing your sheets - it might be relevant.


    ps: If answers are needed asap, post a new thread with a link to the old one. More visibility.