Merging multiple data elements from different sheets into a single view

Fellow Smartsheet users. I have been given an interesting challenge recently. A group gave me an excel file which a single sheet. It is built like an on-boarding form that has a series of elements. I thought it would be 2 dimensional however there are added columns that answer details about the elements in the column to the left of it.

The challenge is using smartsheet to record this data and make it presentable whereby one excel sheet equals one customer, thus present in smartsheet the combined data for one customer. I should be able to add new, or edit existing customer. A second presentation whereby I can search all customers for specific items they have in common, a report for example "which customer has this item in common". The latter report would be easy if it was all on one sheet.

I thought that you could put all the elements into one row per customer, but you end up with 137 data elements (columns) per row. If you multiply that out by say 200 rows, then you end up with 27400 cells, which I believe is exceeding the limits of smartsheet.

At first I thought about splitting the excel sheet into sections and each section was single smartsheet. I could create a report to list out all the data elements by combining all the columns of all sheets however I end up with a row per section for that customer.

Would anyone have an idea of how I could organize the data so that a: I can enter and edit customer information and b: sort and report on it. Additionally a way to show the data in a nice visible format for each customer. I think that smartsheet can only do this by using a dashboard. If so how could one use the dashboard such that you can click through each customer and the data updates on the dashboard for that customer.

I maybe asking too much of smartsheet as I think this is more of a relational database and dynmic report combination like crystal reports.

I would be grateful for any thoughts on this.

Thank you