Writing a formula to count criteria in a multi-select column

Hi everyone!

Newcomer to Smartsheet here. I work for a small family wellbeing agency and I'm trying to write a formula to tally up the criteria provided for why someone is applying/being referred for one of our programmes.

We have "Section A criteria" and "Section B criteria" which are chosen from multi-select sections on a form. These criteria are things like "Mental health concerns", "Low income", "Left school early" and so on.

I'm also trying to write these formulas in a separate sheet, in which I've managed to get a single-selection count formula working, but this multi-select business is tripping me up.

A couple of formulas (and variants thereof) I've tried are:

=COUNTIF({CriteriaA}, "Mental health concerns") (Which is returning 0)

=COUNTIF({CriteriaA}, FIND("Mental health concerns", @row, @cell)) (Which is returning #UNPARSEABLE)

...Where CriteriaA is the selected range for "Section A criteria" on the original sheet.

I've been bashing my head against this for a little while and feel like I've starting going round in circles, and would appreciate some guidance!

Thanks in advance,


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