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NeuroKnowHow ✭✭✭
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Is it possible to create a formula that populates a cell with the ROW ID? This is to set up some triggers using zapier 


  • NeuroKnowHow
    NeuroKnowHow ✭✭✭
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    Sorry... Ive worked that one out

  • NeuroKnowHow

    Nope I haven't Embarassed

  • NeuroKnowHow
    NeuroKnowHow ✭✭✭
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    I posted this as an email... Sorry I'm impatient.


    I am using Zapier to feed info in and out of smartsheet.

    I am sending info in GoCanvas from Smartsheet and GoCanvas to Smartsheet.


    This is what I am currently doing:


    Smartsheet A copies a row to SmartsheetB. 


    SmartSheetB triggers Zaper to dispatch details from the copied row to GoCanvas. This works fine


    I want a canvas submission to send info back to SmartsheetA. This can be done, but it needs a sheet ID and Row ID. For this to work it needs these into cells within SmartsheetA. These can be used to inform Zapier from the dispatched GoCanvas back into SMartSheeetA, and update a specific row


    I would be great if there was a way like a formula something like:


    "=[SheetID]" (This adds the smartsheet sheet ID into a cell)


    "=[RowID]" (This adds the smartsheet row ID into a cell)


  • Rob Hagan
    Rob Hagan ✭✭✭

    Hi NeuroKnowHow,


    There is, provided that you are OK using two columns to achieve the outcome.


    Let's assume that we have two columns at our disposal named Column2 and Column3.


    In the first row of Column2 put the formula =1+0 and then copy it down to the end of the used rows.


    In the first row of Column3 put the formula =COUNT([Column2]$1:[Column2]1) and then copy it down to the end of the used rows.


    Column 3 will now contain the row number.


    This survives both addition and deletion of rows, provided that SmartSheet's auto-filling meets its contractual commitments.





  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    I think he means the RowID not the Row Number.

    The RowID is needed by Zapier in order to know which row to work on.




    Smartsheet A copies a row to SmartsheetB. 


    How is this done? Manually?

    If you use a Zapier with an Updated Row trigger and a filter (so you only get the rows you want to move, then you can have the RowID brought over.


    It is tricky, but it can be done.

    What you want is the "OriginalID" number.

    You can put that in a cell when the Zap runs to copy the row.

    Let's call the column [Serial Number]


    If the next Zap were going back to SS from SS, for the New Row Update action, you have to "trick it".

    1. For RowID use "Use Custom Value"

    2. In a different column choice (it doesn't matter which) put the [Serial Number] column.

    3. Copy this info (takes some getting used to, but it can be done) from that column to the Custom Value for Row ID Original ID  column choice.


    You can remove or keep the [Serial Number] if you want.


    When the Zap runs, it will update the correct row.

    I'm assuming there is some way to do this with GoCanvas data too, but I don't have that program.


    I'm assuming SmartsheetA and SmartsheetB are fixed.


    Hope this helps.




  • Siferris

    Hi Craig,

    Sorry to revive an old post here, but I'm looking for a solution I can use to populate a cell with the Row ID. I don't want to copy or move any data to a fresh sheet to do so though.


    I have a "SmartsheetA", that I want to pass data from, in to a webform. I need to dynamically populate a field on the webform with the RowID. If I can get the RowID to show in a field, then I can handle the rest.

    Does the solution you've posted above, work for this scenario?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    It depends exactly on what you are looking for.

    When you say WebForm, do you mean Smartsheet's built in WebForm? That can't be modified when it is called up - not through the GUI and not through the API.

    If another WebForm, then I do have a solution where I can store the RowID (not the Row Number) and use it from Zapier later. The solution may be limited to only a certain number of rows of data. I was testing with a fixed number of rows for certain reasons I won't go into here.

    For some cases, using the API directly (instead of another app like Zapier which does it for you) may be better.

    If you are willing to pay for the solution, message me at craig.williams@smarterbusinessprocess.com


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