Children from a different column


I'm working on a stock inventory program for my company. The Parent row is the Running total, min/max barcode, description and so on. The Children will be the stock coming in and going out. I can on the Parent row Sum Children in IN column an then Sum Children in OUT column them have the formula in Parent Stock cell (IN@row - OUT@row) to have a running total.

What I want to do an can not get it to work is have formula in the Parent Stock column to sum the Children in IN column and OUT Column and then Subtract the two totals from each other. I have tried to just get the Parent Stock column to sum the Children in the IN Column. This is not working for me, I assume that I'm doing something incorrect and really hope that you do not tell me it not possible. Please help me if you can or if you have a suggestion for another way to clean it up a bit.

=CHILDREN([IN]) this is in cell STOCK 5


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