Combining Dates For a "Sort By Date"


I have an interesting scenario where I am combining 3 SmartSheets into 1, and this happens in three phases:

  1. First, someone initiates a request by submitting a request through a form into the first Smart Sheet. When they submit the request, the request is simultaneously copied over to a "Master Sheet." When it does this, it also copies over the field entitled "Created Date" which is a System Date.
  2. Second, another team member completes the request. During this process, DataMesh links together (and updates) the "Master Sheet" based on the Request ID. When DataMesh copies it over, we also copy over that form's "System Date."
  3. Last, when there is a Change request for one of the Request IDs, a second DataMesh process is run to update the corresponding Request ID. When DataMesh copies it over, we also copy over that form's "System Date."

So, we are combining 3 forms into 1, but also capturing each form's "System Date." The reason we do that is to try and have the ability to Sort by the most recent Recent request submitted. When we had 3 separate forms, it was easy because we always Sorted by the Request ID in Descending order. Now that everything is in one sheet, it's harder. I've attached an example of

I created some if-then-else logic to parse the three date columns (there's some easy logic to determine when to use which date), but it doesn't seem to keep the Sort. Each time we login, we have to re-sort the sheet and it's not the best scenario.

Question: Is there another way that I'm not thinking of that this can be done, or is the fact that we're constantly updating the "Sort by" field what's messing this up?


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