Can I create a SUMIF "does not contain" with multiple values?

Trying to add up the number of people from all cities but, CityA, CityD, CityF, etc in the same argument. Is there a simple SUMIF formula i could use? Currently I have been using:

=SUMIF([City]1:[City]51, <>"NYC", [# People]1:[# People]51)

but i want Smartsheet to exclude multiple cities.

I've tried a few options but felt the most hopeful with the following.. but they didnt work:

=SUMIF([City]1:[City]51, <>"NYC", <>"LAX", [# People]1:[# People]51)

=SUMIF([City]1:[City]51, <>"NYC", OR [City]1:[City]51, <>"LAX", [# People]1:[# People]51)

=SUMIF([City]1:[City]51, <>"NYC", AND [City]1:[City]51, <>"LAX", [# People]1:[# People]51)

this is likely super simple - any ideas?


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