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I need some help :)

I need to calculate the [Taskl Name] and the [Status] from the next "milestone" in progress, and put those values in a header of the sheet.

To determine the next "milestone" in status "in progress" i use the following formula, in every "milestone" row, on column: [WF-Multiplier]

[WF-Multiplier]=COUNTIFS([Task Name]$1:[Task Name]@row, OR(ISBLANK(@cell), NOT(ISBLANK(@cell)))) * IF(Status@row = "In progress", 1, 0)

(tanks @Paul Newcome i found the first part of the formula in another post)

This will return the rownumber if the status is in progress, otherwise a 0


Now i go to the header

I would like to do something like "=[Task Name]XX"

where XX is calculated by:


I dont know how to "concatenate" this to make it work

I tried things like

[Taskl Name]MAX([WF-Multiplier]$1:[WF-Multiplier]$51)

[Taskl Name]$MAX([WF-Multiplier]$1:[WF-Multiplier]$51)

[Taskl Name]+MAX([WF-Multiplier]$1:[WF-Multiplier]$51)

all result Unparseable

Thanks in advance

(in the screenshot, the result should be)

=[Task Name]17 --> "PR"

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