Flag if DATE A > DATE B


I'm working on a formula for a project tracker in my organization. The request is to flag a row if "Received Date" is greater than "Actual Date" for 3 separate dates - PO Received, Start Date, and End Date. I currently have a formula that works only if all dates are filled out:

=IF(OR([PO Received Date]@row > [PO Needed by Date]@row), OR([Actual Start Date]@row > [Projected Start Date]@row, OR([Actual End Date]@row > [Projected End Date]@row, 1, 0)))

Since it's a working tracker, not all 6 cells will be filled out. I'm working on this formula to try to flag the row based on cells with dates:

=IF(OR(NOTBLANK([PO Received Date]@row > [PO Needed by Date]@row, (NOTBLANK([Actual Start Date]@row > [Projected Start Date]@row, (NOTBLANK([Actual End Date]@row > [Projected End Date]@row, 1, 0)))))))

Screen shot for reference:


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