Can cell formulas be passed to Smartsheet from Formstack?


I want to create a custom ID column from contents coming from a Formstack integration. Submitter email plus submission time from the form will make each row ID unique as they are added, and also have meaning to the users of the sheet.

To do this I have created an invisible custom field in Formstack that will populate the ID field in Smartsheet with appended contents from two other columns in the sheet:

=[Email]@row + " " + [Survey Time]@row

This works great if I type it into the sheet itself, but when coming over from Formstack, something inserts a single quote ahead of the = so that it's interpreted as a text string and not a formula, like this:

'=[Email]@row + " " + [Survey Time]@row

Thus, it doesn't work. Is there a way to avoid the single quote being added? Can I escape the = sign with a backslash or something on the Formstack side? Any other ideas?




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