Sumifs - NetSales per product, where the NetSales is in another sheet with product in MultiDropdown


I have a Product Sheet and one Transaction Sheet.

I want to calculate the total NetSales in my product sheet (one row per product) by a SUMIF(s) into my transaction sheet knowing that, in there, the product is contained in a multi-dropdown. I tried the following:

=SUMIFS({Master 20-21 Net Sales Y5}, {Master 20-21 LAM Key}, CONTAINS([Main Product Type]@row, {Master 20-21 LAM Key}))


{Master 20-21 LAM Key} is the MultiDropdown containing the various products in transaction sheet

[Main Product Type]@row is the product (in my product sheet) I'm seeking for in the Multi-Dropdown (in the transaction sheet.

but it returns 0.

Anyone can help, I'm pretty stuck there.

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