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I have a formula just now which is :

=COUNTIFS({Business Case}, $Measure5, {Business Unit}, [Brand X]$3, {PROJECT STATUS}, OR(@cell = "Shipped", @cell = "In Progress"))

This is count the number on 'on time' and 'late business case's where business unit is brand X where the project status is either 'shipped' or 'in progress'.

I also wanted to add the formula to include a parameter of looking at a date column, so it includes in the count from TODAY up to 12 months from that date [-365].

I found for the TODAY function the formula is :

=COUNTIF([Date Column]:[Date Column], @cell> TODAY(-365))

I'm trying to incorporate the TODAY function into my existing formula which works, but failing - any help?

=COUNTIFS({Business Case}, $Measure5, {Business Unit}, [Brand X]$3, {PROJECT STATUS}, OR(@cell = "Shipped", @cell = "In Progress"), [BC Date]:[BC Date], @cell> TODAY(-365))

Many thanks.


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  • L_123
    L_123 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    It is failing because the number of cells in each reference in your other sheet references are different than that of the same sheet reference BC Date.

  • Lindsay Wilson

    @L@123 thanks for looking at my query!

    Not too sure I understand what you mean. What you suggest the below?

    =COUNTIFS({Business Case}, $Measure5, {Business Unit}, [Brand X]$3, {PROJECT STATUS}, OR(@cell = "Shipped", @cell = "In Progress"), [BC Date], @cell> TODAY(-365))


  • Lindsay Wilson

    @L@123 the second worked! thank you so much spent days looking at this!


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