IF function and returning a blank cell



I've tried several different versions of this function and haven't had any luck so far getting it to work. I want the function to return Yes, No, or stay blank as a way to indicate whether tasks were completed on time. Yes means the task was completed on time, No means the task was late, and blank means the task hasn't been completed yet.

I got the Yes/No part to work, but can't figure out how to get the function to return a blank cell. Here's what I have so far:

This part works on its own: =IF([Completion Date]22 <= [Due Date]22, "Yes", "No")

Here's where I'm struggling: =IF([Completion Date]21 <= [Due Date]21, "Yes", "No"), IF(ISBLANK([Completion Date]21), ""))

I think I need to use the ISBLANK function, but not positive. It seems like there's an easy fix that I'm just not seeing. I've also tried "0" and <>"" in place of the "".

Thanks for any help!


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