Returning entire row

I want to Pull Data from a sheet name (Daily Sales Sheet) to another sheet (Payable).

This is the entire row from Daily Sales Sheet.

In (Daily Sales Sheet) there is a column by the name of payment method. If any cell in column marked as Payable, that entire row having customer name, service and other details should reflect in (Payable) sheet.

Also, if there is a duplicate entry of that customer as Payable, I don't want it to be reflected the entire row again, just the value of "Balance" column would be added in previous entry so that I know this customer owes this much.

Is it possible?


  • Ramzi K
    Ramzi K ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Kuldeep Gera,

    Are you trying to create a new row in the Payable sheet every time a Payment Method is marked Payable, or do the rows exist in both sheets and you just want to mark them?

    Smartsheet cannot create rows unless you use the Move Row or Copy Row features, but the sheets need to have the same structure.

    If you further clarify, I can try to help you.



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  • Hi @Ramzi

    The row needs to be created in the Payable sheet everytime a entry is marked "Payable" in the Daily Sales Sheet.

    But, if the row needs to be created for similar customer again, then it shouldn't create another row instead just add the value of it in the previous one.

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