How to embed a Smartsheet URL of a gantt onto a Dashboard


Hello. I am trying to put a gantt onto a dashboard. The advantage of using the web content widget is that you can visualize the indented hierarchy and in fact collapse it for a higher level view for some audiences, but expand it when you need to.

Below is a picture showing the sheet that I am embedding as the web content widget:

You can see the sheet is not set to open to today, but defaults to the beginning of the project. But when I embed the Published URL for the sheet into the web content widget in the dashboard, it defaults to today in the display:

Now I can use the vertical scroll bar to get to the horizontal scroll bar and scroll over each and every time we or an Executive opens this, but that seems a bit much. Is there a way to get this to not default to today?



  • Ramzi K
    Ramzi K ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @mikeb,

    It appears to be a limitation of the tool. That setting doesn't appear to carry over to the embedded project plan.



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