Can a user request an Update Request?


I'm using a form to collect shift information from employees (onto a master tracker). This shift information is filtered to 10 different reports, depending on the building and department. I need the user/employee to be able to modify their requested shift after they have submitted. The Update Request feature works but I can't figure out how they would trigger that. I added a checkbox to the report and created an Update Request automation, but that checkbox doesn't show up on the report when it is surfaced on the dashboard.

How can I enable the employee to modify their shift request that is rolled up to the overall building dashboard?



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi Meredith,

    Are you using the Report widget? If so, you can set up the interaction to be that when it's clicked on, users can go to the source Report and check the checkbox column to then receive an update request.

    Keep in mind that in this scenario the users would need to be shared to the source sheet & report with editing permissions to be able to check this box. If they have these permissions, they should be able to check that checkbox column from the Report, and if that's the trigger for your update request it should work. Then again, at that point they should also be able to just make the edits directly in the sheet?

    If you are publishing the Report and then embedding that using a Web Content Widget to display information, at this time Published Reports are view-only, so your users won't be able to check the Update Request box in this scenario.

    If you're not wanting to share the source sheet, there may be a way to set up a separate sheet that has a form they can fill out when they need to make updates. In this form they could put the Unique ID of their original request (which would be sent to them as a confirmation email from your original sheet). Then you could use an INDEX(MATCH formula to update your initial sheet should a request to make changes come in on this separate, second sheet... but that's getting a bit complicated. If you're interested in this idea let me know and I'll test out if this would work for your purposes.

    You may want to look into the Premium App Dynamic View, as this would allow users to have a filtered view of just their own requests and make updates without being shared to the source sheet.

    Hope that helps!



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