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Smartsheet API report creation



We have a lot of reports, they have only small differences.

Normally it is just a filter e.g. name of "assigned to".


If we have to slightly change these reports, we have to change all the reports by hand.

Is it possible to create/change reports with the API?


I tried to do it but i did not found it in the API (Smartsheet Java SDK).

To create folders it is possible to make something like that:

        Folder folder = new Folder.CreateFolderBuilder().setName("New Folder").build();

        folder = smartsheet.homeResources().folderResources().createFolder(folder);


but the report ressources has no creation method

       report =  smartsheet.reportResources().createReport(report);


If this feature not exists, this is my feature request :-)


Thanks a lot.


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