Project Rollup


We're a small communications/creative agency using Smartsheet for project management for all our client work. Each client has a sheet created for projects, deadlines, team assignments. I have a dashboard created as a landing page with links to all those individual client project sheets. I included a report on the bottom of the dashboard that I want to pull from all the project sheets and show the team what tasks are approaching deadline for all our clients. The way this is displaying (see below) is hard to understand and doesn't look the way I want it to. Any suggestions for how to create a rollup like this? Similarly, I would love to create a sheet that when our team users open Smartsheet for the first time each day, it would curate all their "projects and tasks approaching deadline" individually so they know what they should be working on each day. Hoping this makes sense and one of you super users out there can assist! Thanks in advance. This community has always been so helpful!


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