How can I create a stacked bar graph that shows different sets of data?

Carolina Rivera
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So I have two sets of data that I would like to graph using a stacked chart. Data set 1 contains a number of actions that are divided by month, for example, the month of May has 5 actions and the month of June has 3. Data set 2 contains the same actions, however, in this set they are divided by source (e.g. deviations, compliance, other, etc.). I would my stacked graph to tell me how many actions in May are deviations, compliance, or other. How may I set up a formula so that I can display this data?

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Carolina,

    Are the Data Sets 1 & 2 the same data, just split up differently? For example, in your Data Set 2, do you have 5 actions in May, but they're displayed by source?

    Or are these actually two separate sets of data that you're looking to combine... so for example you have 5 actions in May in Set 1, and in Set 2 you have an additional 3 actions, for a total of 8?

    In order to display this in a Stacked Bar chart you would need to consolidate this information into one chart in a sheet somehow. The way to organize this or collect this information will depend on if your Sets contain the same data or if you're looking to combine it.

    If possible, could you please post screen captures of both sets of data? (But block out any sensitive information). Here's a webinar on preparing data for Dashboards that may help you as well (click here).



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