I get an #INVALID OPERATION using SUMIFS with multiple criteria referencing a separate sheet.


I am having trouble getting this formula right.

I want to pull the qty of flooring scheduled to run in a given week (1-52) provided it requires one of 2 types of veneer. (Acacia 1220x077x1.5 or Acacia 1220x185x1.5)

=SUMIFS({Schedule File - 052820 Flooring}, {Schedule File - 052820 Week}, [email protected], {Schedule File - 052820 Veneer}, @cell = "Acacia 1220x077x1.5", OR(@cell = "Acacia 1220x185x1.5"))

Any help is appreciated,


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  • Thank you very much! This is awesome. I'm still learning the @cell syntax.

  • No worries at all! Glad this worked for you 🙂

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