Need help with an "IF", "CONTAINS" and "OR" formula


Hello everyone

First, thanks for your help :) I'm trying to make a formula. I have a cell (cell#1) that has 4 values in it (" one", "two", "three", "four").

I'm looking for a formula that would work like this:

  • If cell #1 contains "one" or "two", then cell #1 =0. Otherwise, calculate the number of values in cell #1.
  • Could also be : calculate the number of values in cell #1, EXCEPT values "one" and "two".
  • the values are currently chosen from a dropdown multi select list

Merci !

Best Answer


  • TReid

    Thank you so much ! I tried many times but there was always a mistake I couldn't figure out ! The two formulas works perfectly ! Merci

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