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I am new to smartsheets & having some trouble merging formulas together. I can get them all to work on their own but when I try to add them together they fail. I am obviously missing something.

I have 3 fields;

Expected Completion Date - dd/mm/yyy

Status - Single Selection (Closed, Archived, Open, Overdue)

Due / Overdue - Formula Field

The statements that I have working on there own standing are;

=IF(Status3 = "Archived", "N/A")

=IF(Status3 = "Closed", "N/A")

=SUM([Expected Completion Date]2 - TODAY()) / 31

What I am looking for is something that will populate N/A if the status is Closed or Archived & if it is open or overdue then it will a positive or negative # of months.

Any help is greatly appreciated



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