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Mark Silvester
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I am attempting to reconcile between two sheets. The first is our Inventory Tracker which shows a contracted device count (at the top of the sheet) and what has shipped (separated by the blue parent rows) based on one source of information (screenshot below).

In the colored rows to the right, we're taking advantage of SUMIF formulas to calculate the adjusted total, what has shipped, what was returned and what is remaining based on what information is entered in the rows below (each blue parent row represents a different shipment).

The next step in the process is validating this information with our QuickBooks data. I've created a separate sheet (screenshot below) which includes every shipment recorded since 2017.

The information that I want to cross reference and pull into the Inventory Tracker is the "Class", "QBO SKU" and "Qty". In terms of visualization, I've experimented with adding the extra rows in the Inventory Tracker and just using a VLOOKUP formula (screenshot below):

The problem that I am running into is that using "Class" as a unique identifier isn't effective because there is more than one mention. I have an invoice number I could use? But, I would prefer something else like the "QBO SKU" which would save whoever is reconciling time. Also, as you can see below, I have multiple "Qty" entries for the same QBO SKU. :

Ideally, if there was a way I could:

  1. Plug in a unique identifier in the Inventory Tracker
  2. The row next to it populates with a sum of every quantity shipped for that particular QBO SKU (in this case, I type in 14321 for Water Avenue and 234 appears in the next row)

I'm confused on what this SUMIF formula would look like and where I'm going wrong with finding something unique to identify this information and pull it in. This would be a huge time saver if solved and I would greatly appreciate some advice.

Thank you!

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