Is there a limit to the number of fields I can use in a trigger for an automation?


I have a sheet that has 50ish columns and I need to copy a row (for archiving purposes) when one out of 25 columns for this row is changed.

It seems like there is a limit to 20 triggers per automation - is this correct?

Is there a way around this limitation?

Yes, I could create one automation with 15 and another one with 10 triggers, but I guess that this would result into two new rows in the archive rather than just one.


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  • Werner Gerstacker
    Werner Gerstacker ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Thanks for checking on this, @Andrée Starå ,

    I was hoping to avoid multiple workflows because it will result into multiple 'Copy Row' actions, i.e. multiple entries in my helper sheet which has doubled to become my archive file for each time the status of a project is updated.

    I don't think Zapier is an option - after all, Smartsheet was supposed to be the solution to my workflow management requirements. I'll look into Zapier, though - just to see what it can do in principle.


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