Transposing a large amount of data into a 'structured' format

Hani Al Ashkar
edited 06/02/20 in Formulas and Functions


I have a master sheet that accommodates a list of airplane (and some details) with a 'status' for certain modifications that is listed by column. Ref below.

The intent would be for mechanics to update the status of each modification as and when appropriate.

I've been asked to provide this data into a more structured format for possible integration with other tools. I created another sheet and example of the format is shown below.

I initially thought that cell linking between the two would work but considering the amount of airplanes that I'm working with, this will not be practical. Also, i'm not able to cell link data within a row into a column which is very annoying.

Is there any function/formula i can use to transpose the data into the format? I'm trying to avoid copying and pasting as much as possible.


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