Deleting multiple Smartsheets


Hello Community,

I am brand new to SmartSheet and I've been tasked with "cleaning up Smartsheet". I have been granted Site Admin permissions. Is there a may I can access sheets not explicitly shared with me? Is there a way for the site admin to delete sheets? There are over 2000 sheets, workspaces, etc. and more than half of them need to be deleted. What's the best way to accomplish that.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi Heidi,

    If you have System Admin permissions, you can download a Sheet Access Report which will list all of the sheets that members of your company have access to, including sheets that you are not shared to (see the bottom of this page).

    Keep in mind that you need to be the Owner of a sheet to delete it fully, so you'll need to contact current owners and request that they transfer the ownership of these sheets to you. (See here)

    You can take ownership of all of someone's sheets, if they've left the company (the first link has details on that).

    Then for bulk-deleting, the easiest may simply be to have them all in a folder or workspace and then delete the folder/workspace.

    Hope that helps!