Hello, I've been trying to use unique values in one column to determine what the yearly sum is?

In the above screen shot, I want to use the Job Family value to add up any amounts that match for the year. I have tried SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF,.... I keep getting #unparseable error. Here is my formula:

=SUMIFS(Program1:Program5, ="PAR", JAN1:JAN5, >0, FEB1:FEB5,>0, MAR1:MAR5, >0, APR1:APR5, >0 MAY1:MAY5, >0, JUN1:JUN5, >0, JUL1:JUL5, >0, AUG1:AUG5, >0, SEP1:SEP5, >0, OCT1:OCT5, >0, NOV1:NOV5, >0, DEC1:DEC5, >0)

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