Please add Successor Functionality ASAP



I have seen several threads as far back as 2015 asking for Successor functionality in smartsheet. When do we expect this update to be available? It is completely impossible to keep up with predecessor/successor relationships at the moment. This is essential to managing a schedule, especially large ones 300-600+ lines.



  • RKMic
    RKMic ✭✭

    Agreed, this is needed. I don't want to fall back on MS Project.

  • MartinL
    edited 10/28/20

    Adding my name to what is a very long list and very old request to include a successors column. The data must exist as it's used for the join(s) on the Gantt.

    This is one of the minimum requirements for SS to be used as a serious competitor for MSP so I'm surprised the request is five years old.

    Any of the product team able to give an update on where this sits on the roadmap please?


  • Shah_0614

    The forum method doesn't seem to be gaining traction or even getting a response from Smartsheet. I have read through the threads dating about as early as 2015 and there was only one response from Smartsheet where a gentleman said they would share the request with their product team. Since then, multiple users have provided feedback here on the Smartsheet forums and opened tickets with no success. 6 years later and we all are still asking for the same enhancement functionality. I am just wondering what will get Smarsheets attention? Does anyone have LinkedIn connections with the leaders of Smartsheet organization? This request seems so basic but a major pain point for us all. Also, don't know why the original thread was closed out?

    Open to hearing other ideas on how we can get Smartsheets attention regarding product enhancement.

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