Automated workflow reminder email notifications have stopped and no changes have been made.

Sharon Bandini
edited 06/04/20 in Smartsheet Basics
  • We have 6 RAID logs for different work streams.
  • 3 automation workflows were created and are enabled within each of the RAID logs to send email “reminder” alerts.
  • Alerts are set to be sent by email twice/weekly and have been sent as intended for the past 3.5 months.
  • As of June 1, suddenly NO email notifications have been sent to any of the recipients from any of the Logs.
  • No modifications have been made to the RAID logs or to the automation workflows.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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  • mitchell.beness113091

    Same problem.

    Was working fine now notifications have stopped. In my case the row notification icon no longer shows the the little "email" sign.

    In my case, it works for my own email. The autoworkflow is set to unrestricted.

    It seems hit and miss as to who the update is triggered for, some emails do (mine and some others) and some dont?