Formula to link all columns in multiple sheets

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I have a master Smartsheet actions tracker set up with actions assigned to roughly 5 people across a project and each of the 5 personnel have their own action tracker linked to the master sheet. How it works is that any time a new task is added and the "Assigned To" value changes to an actionees name, through Smartsheet auto row copy automation, the action is copied to their respective action tracker. I would like to now link the indivudal action trackers to the master action tracker such that anytime a change is made in the indivudal action tracker, the master tracker automatically gets updated through formulas. I gave it a shot myself and used the following INDEX/MATCH formula but soon after inputting it into one of the columns in my master sheet, I realised that this way I will only be able to link 1 out of the 5 child sheets. Any suggestion please on how to link the remaining 4 sheets as well? (P.S. I realise that I can use Smartsheet reports to do what I am doing here with sheets but due to reporting limitations - mainly on how I cannot show parent / child hierarchy when building reports, I want to test the capability of sheets to manage actions).

=INDEX({Notes / Closeout Evidence}, MATCH([Unique ID (PM)]@row, {Unique ID (PM)}, 0))



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