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Hello! I'm trying to create a formula to assign different points to each questions if is checkbox is marked and then have a total score. Right now I have this: =COUNTIF(Done9:Done101, 1) / (COUNTIFS(Done9:Done101, 0, Task9:Task101, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell))) + (COUNTIF(Task9:Done101, 1))) but is 1 point per question and I want to assign different points.

If the first question (A. Go over vision & Mission) is Done, you have 5 points, if the second question is Done, you have 9 points, etc and have the Total Score (100%) where is the 1 % now. Could you please help me?

Thank you


  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Alejandra,

    why don't you just a little hidden helper column where you note the individual points per question. You can easily count these points with SUMIF and use a simple percent calculation because you know the 100% score ;-)

    It is also easier to change if you need to at any time in the future.

    Hope this helps


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