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Timesaving Features - Please!

Jeremy Myers
Jeremy Myers ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

1.  When in Admin mode, ability to actually lock rows and columns on the sheet you are working on.  Lackcing this, we throw away one seat on the three user system as we use Admin exclusively for programming, building filters and administrating the Workspaces.


2.  Double click on format painter holdls the sample in memory until released with <escape> or similar. 


3.  Ability to duplicate a column then strip the data and change column type.  This maintains my fancy parent row formatting.


4.  Function to dynamcially number rows that are not blank.





  • Hello Jeremy,


    I've added your vote for 2 and 4 to our enhancement request list for further consideration. I'd like to get more clarification on 1 and 3 so that I can log your votes for these correctly.


    1. Are you wanting an ability similar to the way Google sheets work today, where if you've double-clicked a cell, the cell is locked until you finish making changes? In Smartsheet, this might be extended to your entire selection (entire column or row). This would likely not just be an Admin functionality. Or are you wanting an entirely different feature?


    3. Currently, hierarchy is only reflected in the Primary column of a sheet, so duplicating a column, stripping the data out, then changing the column type seems like more steps over adding a new, blank column of a different data type. Are you wanting to duplicate one column's hierarchical structure on another sheet entirely? Or are you wanting hierarchy to be displayed on more than just the Primary column?

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